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Keller & Kalmbach was founded in 1878 and is today among the leading wholesale traders for fasteners, screws, fastening technology, dowels, drawing parts, tools, power tools, hoists, personal protection equipment, works equipment, chemical products etc.


Since 1988, Keller & Kalmbach has developed into a specialist in the area of C-parts management. More than 1.200 implemented projects and more than 2,200,200 container fills per annum bear witness to this specialisation. Keller & Kalmbach employs a staff of 800 and has an annual turnover of more than 270 million Euro. The company is divided into the business divisions automotive, industry and trade.


For automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, Keller & Kalmbach has a wide-ranging supply program – including special parts/drawing parts Delivery is made order-based or in the framework of C-parts logistics concepts for production and maintenance.


Keller & Kalmbach offers a very wide-ranging supply program for the industry and has a great deal of know-how related to drawing parts. Delivery is made order-based or for production and maintenance in the framework of C-parts logistics concepts.

Rail technology

Specializing in the rail vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, this area is aligned to the high demands in this segment. Customized logistics solutions such as Kanban with "stop order method" or RFID systems, such as turnLOG, supply for many years the market leaders in this sector.


Keller & Kalmbach offers a broad supply program for trade, with more than 80,000 stocked items as well as numerous customer-specific services and the modular storage system KKL – with a scanning solution.

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