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eLogistics - The revolution in C-parts management

Intelligent, IT-based Information and Flow of Goods Management - Also for Third Party Suppliers and Intralogistics

Reduce Procurement Costs by Integrating Third Party Suppliers

eLogistics communicates and processes data from the logistics system solutions of Keller & Kalmbach. It facilitates managing and monitoring items with recuring requirements. In addition to items from Keller & Kalmbach, products from third party suppliers can also be integrated into the automated goods management system.


  • eLogistics checks and processes the orders placed with a logistics system, such as turnLOG®, pushLOG®, weightLOG®, etc.
  • eLogistics splits the orders and passes them onto K&K or the affiliated suppliers.

> Reducing your procurement effort leads to low process costs and increases capacity for the essentials - Your added value.

Optimization Potential By Managing Your Intralogistics

Option for managing multi-stage productions, such as, component assembly in consideration of the Pull Principle.





  • The operator uses the item. When the reorder threshold has been reached, the employee triggers the order, according to the logistic system, for example, by pressing the pushLOG® button or by rotating the turnLOG® bin.
  • The order, in this case, will not go to a supplier; instead, an order picking list for the buffer warehouse furnished by customer is triggered internally.

> Take advantage of the increased efficiency that managing your centralized and decentralized supermarkets provides.

Advantages of eLogistics:

  • Management of all items with recurring requirements through one logistics platform
  • Order processing and forwarding takes place through one system
  • Multi-supplier capability and third party supplier integration
  • Connection to your ERP system
  • Management of your intralogistics
  • Existing infrastructure becomes more profitable by means of higher utilization
  • Absolutely secure provision of supplies to the places that require them
  • Increased efficiency in warehouses and at workstations

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