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K&K Kanban Online

Keller & Kalmbach offers Kanban customers with the information system "K&K Kanban online"  an online evaluation option for master and transaction data of supply systems. As a result, a variety of information and evaluations can be utilized via Internet access.

Overview of the project master data

  • Annual survey - delivered items/containers
  • Project information (supermarkets, products, containers, and storage locations)
  • Supermarkets overview

Consumption statistics

  • Supermarkets, storage locations, delivered quantity/items, and period of time (filter)
  • Item and customer part number

Container information

  • Supermarkets, storage locations, and container type (filter)
  • Item, customer part number, product characteristics (DIN, surface, size, quality, and name), and container reference
  • Unique references to see if the container is to be filled on-site or at Keller & Kalmbach (except for XLPE and RFID transactions)
  • Container overview and search function

General Information

  • Up-to-date information
  • Item search
  • Statistical evaluations such as top and flop lists
  • Excel export function with automatic name allocationper selection criterion (container data and statistics)
  • Responsive web design (for mobile devices)
  • Multilingual (German, English and Italian)
  • Your K&K contact person (office and field staff)

During the project implementation, you will receive the access data and instruction on the online information system. We will gladly provide you with a free trial.

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