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Order triggering: Insertion of the empty bin into the RFID box

dropLOG® is a means to place an order by inserting the empty bin into the RFID box. Each bin is marked with a unique RFID tag which is recognized by a reader on the lid of the box. False/positive reads are avoided due to two thro-in slot.


(1) The goods are available in the Kanban rack and are clearly identifiable by the RFID tag.
(2) Empty bins are dropped into the RFID box.
(3) The reader in the lid of the box recognizes the tag and the order signal is triggered automatically.
(4) The order is received by K&K.
(5) The order is processed automatically at the Centre of Distribution.
(6) Goods are delivered to the customer and placed in the rack.
(7) Return of empty bins to K&K - ready for the next order.


  • automatic triggering of orders
  • quick system installation and flexible placement possibilities
  • can be placed next to the rack
  • several boxes can be used parallely
  • simple handling
  • tamper-proof
  • easy conversion from two / multiple bin system to RFID Kanban
  • fast response times
  • reusable adhesive tag
  • fast batch tracking

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