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Order triggering: Parking the Empty bin on the RFID Mat

With parkLOG®, the order placement takes place when the empty bin is placed on the RFID mat. Each bin is marked with a unique label that is detected by the antenna in the mat, thereby initiating the order.


(1) The product is laid on the kanban rack and is uniquely identified by the RFID transponde.
(2) An empty bin is placed on the RFID mat – most of the time, this is located on the topmost shelf of the rack.
(3) The antenna integrated in the mat detects the transponder and automatically triggers the order signal.
(4) The incoming order is carried out by K&K immediately.
(5) The order is commissioned in the central warehouse and the product is shipped commercially.
(6) The product is delivered to the customer and loaded into the corresponding empty bin on the rack.
(7) The refilled bin is returned to the kanban rack.


  • automatic order placement
  • quick system installation and flexible site location
  • direct placement on shelf possible
  • multiple RFID mats used concurrently
  • simple handling
  • no possibility of manipulation
  • conversion from two/multi-container system to RFID kanban is possible without any problems
  • fast response time
  • fast batch tracking
  • short walking distances

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