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Order triggering: via a FILL Level Sensor

Using the latest sensor technology, reachLOG® steadily monitors the fill level in the bin. Upon reaching the predefined reorder threshold, the order is triggered. Thus, this groundbreaking system is suitable for container-dependent applications and opens up new possibilities for workstation integration.


(1) The goods are stored in bins on assembly walls, for example.
(2) When the reorder threshold has been reached, the order is automatically triggered by the fill level sensor.
(3) The controller receives the signal and sends the order (after conducting the plausibility checks) via GSM/GPRS to K&K.
(4) The goods are now picked out in the central K&K warehouse, labeled specifically for the customer, and shipped.
(5) The storage bin is then refilled on site.


  • ideal solution for assembly and workstation systems
  • completely automated order placement
  • neat and orderly storage
  • missing bins or faulty transponders are identified by the system
  • automatic recognition of illogical orders (for example, duplicate orders)
  • full or partial service

Innovative Features

  • A status message about the order and delivery on the label thanks to bi-directional communication
  • Quick exchange of items, since an automatic notification is sent about the change in bin contents when the new label is attached
  • Transponder is energy autonomous for 10 years
  • Processes are monitored and recorded
  • Statistical evaluation by means of online tools


  • Thanks to NFC technology and the Logistics App, item data can be accessed anytime on the go (with a smartphone or tablet)
  • Quickly locate items by means of the "Find Me Function"
  • User recognition via SmartWatch to increase process assurance and reporting

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