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Screws, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, split pins, graded ranges, caps, feather keys, split washers, blind rivets, threaded rods, wood connectors and other small parts in the framework of logistics projects.


Fixing technology - dowels, plugs, etc.

Dowels, anchors, heavy-duty fasteners, chemical fasteners, special fasteners, hollow fasteners, adhesives, wood fasteners, hooks, clips, nails, angles, perforated plates, joint hangers, etc.


Chemical-technical products

Maintenance products, chemicals used in construction, sealants, paints and paint removers, adhesives and adhesive tapes, corrosion protection, coolant-lubricants, oils, greases and lubricants, PU foam, cleaners etc.


Special and drawing parts

Turned parts, extruded parts, stampings and milled parts of all materials, in all qualities and with any surface.


Industrial Parts

DIN and standard parts, small electric parts, fluid technology, sealing technology, protective elements, rolling and plain bearings, drive technology etc.

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Assembly tools, drilling and machining technology, filing technology, grinding and cutting technology, soldering and welding technology, metrology, construction tools, tools for sanitary applications/heating etc.

Personal protection equipment

Personal protection equipment, weather protection, safety shoes, safety headgear and breathing masks, skin protection, gloves, safety accessories, First Aid equipment, head, knee and leg protection, heat and fire protection etc.


Power Tools

Electrical tools for drilling, parting, screwing, grinding, cutting, welding, sawing, suction, tacking, stirring, loading, cleaning, power generation etc. More than 40 brands.



Slinging equipment, load-securing equipment, chain components, wire rope, commercial chains, electrical and compressed air hoists, hand hoists, hydraulic and machine hoists, cranes and crane components, crane weighing scales, suspension weighing scales and load suspension devices etc.


Works equipment

Workshop equipment, office equipment, storage and transport equipment, ladders and scaffolds, environment protection engineering, heating and cleaning devices, vehicle equipment etc.

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