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Conventional Kanban systems

Order triggering: Scanning the empty bin
In the twin an multiple bin system, this is the conventional Kanban solution with order triggering based on emty bins.


(1) Goods are stored in bins as part of a twin or multiple bin system

(2) The bins and the goods are clearly identifiable by means of a barcode label

(3) As soon as a bin is empty, it´s removed and placed at a previously agreed place (e.g. lattice pallet)

(4) Empty bins are delivered to the K&K Centre of Distribution, scanned and placed in interim storage

(5) Bins and goods are then notified to the picking point simultaneously

(6) The bins are now filled with the corresponding goods

(7) The bin is now delivered to the customer and allocated in the rack system



  • self-controlling ordering system
  • clear and orderly storage
  • flexible solution, extendable at any time
  • different bin sizes and labelling possible
  • de-centralised solutions possible up to the assembly location
  • order quantity adjustment on the basis of actual consumption
  • experienced gained from more then 1,000 implementations
  • Kanban online information system
  • full or partial service

Conventional Kanban can also be used in label change procedures.

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