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VPE Kanban

Order triggering: Scanning the empty bin
VPE Kanban is an alternative to conventional Kanban. Again, in this case the requirement is triggered by scanning the empty bin. However, these remain with the customer. At Keller & Kalmbach, the packaging unit (VPE) labels the item with a special label. This produces a clear assignment to the bin.


(1) Goods are stored in bins as part of a twin or multiple bin system
(2) The bins and the goods are clearly identified by means of a barcode label
(3) As soon as a bin is empty, it is removed and moved to a special place
(4) Empty bins are then scanned and transferred by email/GSM/GPRS to Keller & Kalmbach
(5) The order is received at K&K
(6) The goods are now picked out in the K&K Centre of Distribution, labelled specifically for the customer and sent
(7) The bin is then filled locally by the customer, using a clear identification


  • simple, flexible solution, even for requirements with a low stock turnover rate
  • clear and orderly storage
  • decentralised solutions up to assembly location
  • order quantity adjustment on the basis of actual consumption
  • "Stop order procedure", i.e. order execution up to an order limit is included
  • bins remain at the consumption site
  • different bin sizes and labelling possible
  • Kanban online information system
  • full or part service

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