Keller & Kalmbach GmbH

KKL - Modular storage system

Order triggering: Scanning the item barcode
KKL ist the ideal storage system for trade operations and industrial maintenance needs. The goods are stored in a rack systeam, which can be matched to customer needs in a modular fashion. The items, which are marked directly with barcodes, are then simply re-ordered with the scanner.


(1) The goods are stored in a rack system, tailored to your requirements
(2) Each item is clearly identified, either directly or via a label on the rack and marked with a barcode
(3) Items that are to be re-ordered are recorded simply and quick with the scanner
(4) The scanner is than read and the order data transferred automatically into the online shop
(5) The online shop transfers the order data to K&K directly via the Internet
(6) The items are picked out and dispatched in the K&K Centre of Distribution
(7) The goods are then delivered and allocated in the rack


  • clear and orderly storage
  • modular solution, extendable at any time
  • storage area reduction up to 50%
  • permanent item availability
  • clear item marking and quick item withdrawals
  • fast requirements acquisition by scanner
  • comprehensive reduction in workload and lowering of process costs
  • inventory funtion
  • versatile statistics and analysis options

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