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KKL2in1 - storage sytem

Order triggering: Scanning the item barcode
Storage sytem with 2 draw-off zones in 1 bin, for the highest level of securing stock. Separator indicates stock status and current step.

separate at front = visual signal indicates time to order by scanning the barcode.
"Ordered" separator at the front = visual signal that the order has been placed and delivery will follow.


(1) Separator divides draw-off and reorder points, goods are taken out from draw-off zone
(2) If the draw-off zone is empty, the separator must be removed and attached to the front of the bin - the red side "Bestellen/Order" is clearly visible
(3) Continue taking goods from the bin
(4) Scan the barcode, including all order information
(5) The online shop transfers the order to K&K
(6) After scanning the barcode the separator must be turned around. "Bestellt/Ordered" is attached on the front of the bin
(7) The separator must be placed in initial ordered position into the bin an replacement quantity must be filled into the two draw-off zones


  • separator divides bin into draw-off and reorder section
  • separator indicates when to order
  • fill capacity planning optimised in line with demand
  • low capital commitment due to individually planned reordering
  • bin fit standard shelf system
  • demand-oriented solution due to large range of bins

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